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Fashion is dead but its lost spirit of innovation and general cultural relevance are about to come back in the form of couture. Textile pollution is a growing problem in the fashion industry. The Council for Textile Recycling says that more than 70 pounds of textiles per US Citizen are going into landfills annually, that means over 21 BILLION pounds this year alone. At Daniel’s studio, fabric waste is kept to zero. Pattern making techniques, appliqués, tiled mosaics and embellishments absorb one hundred percent of the textile goods that are brought into the studio and ZWD takes factory scraps and turns them into new goods.

Dropshipping Eco-Friendly Clothing

Dropshipping is a term where you sell without holding any inventory. One of the leading dropshippers available is SaleHoo. You can learn more about SaleHoo by reading this review and feedback on SaleHoo by a dropshipper named Chris.

Fashion Styles From All Over The World

Modern Baju Raya Kurung Moden

Baju Kurung is a type of clothing mostly worn by women in Malaysia. There are many different styles to choose from such as moden baju raya and kurung online that can be found throughout all of Malaysia from Pahang to Kedah. If you’re interested in learning more about fashionable Malaysian baju kurung, make sure to also check out Kebaya. Although Kebaya is worn a lot in Malaysia, it’s origin is from a neighboring country, Indonesia. Originally from the Javanese island, Kebaya was brought to Malaysia by traders and merchants back in the day.

Five Four Club

Five Four Club is a clothing company based out of Los Angeles that was founded by Dee Murthy and Andres Izquieta. It was founded as a university assignment project in 2003, and now 14 years later in 2017, they have grown tremendously to bring in over $100 million in annual revenue. Check out this article on Five Four Club review + promo code to get discount coupons and learn more about the brand.